How to write notice —- Notice writing for lad age students

lad age students

Question :  Suppose you are a sports secretary of your school. Write out a notice within 100 words notifying about annual Sports Day of your school. The notice should give the following information.

  1. Names of the students willing to participate must reach the secretary within a specified date :

   2. Dates of the Heats of three groups (Athletics, Games, Matches)

    3. Date, Time and Value of the Annual Sports Day.


                ANNUAL SPORTS 2017

Students of all classes are hereby notified that the Annual Sports of the school will be held on February 24, 2017. There will be three different categories of Athletics, Games and Matches. Students intending  to take part must clearly mention in their application in which category and in what items they want to take part. Heats of the three different categories will be held on February 11, 12 and 13 respectively. Students should get their names registered on or before February 5 without fail at the students’ Union Office. The finals of all categories will take place on February 24, the Annual Sports Day.

Name of the School                                                                      Signature………….

Date………………..                                                                           Sports-Secretary

Counter signed by the Headmaster & his seal.


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